Private Pool Parties are after pool hours, unless your community allows pool parties during normal operational hours.

All website reservation requests and payments must be received at least (2) weeks prior to the requested party date. If received after this date, there will be a late fee incurred in the amount of $25.00 dollars that will apply.

The reservation system will allow you to reserve dates up to (2) weeks in advance. If you would like to request a date outside of the (2) week window, please email us at or call us at 281-578-7665. If the request is less than (1) week notice, the reservation request will not be accepted.

Reservation link-

Registration Steps:

  • Sports CRM-Link
  • Click Online Booking
  • Select Location
  • Select Category
  • Select Type/Coach
  • Select Start & End Time
  • Select Day of Week
  • Select Availability
  • Select Member
  • Select Guest Number
  • Click Add Cart
  • Click Checkout

After you submit your reservation request you will receive a confirmation via email and your Association will be notified to verify proof of residency.

Once your Association’s hired management agent has been notified, please give them at least (48) hours to approve or deny your request.   

If you have any questions regarding your pool party reservation, please don’t hesitate to email us at or call us at 281-578-7665.

Pool Party Policies & Procedures