Management Services

All Star Aquatics, Inc. is a leader in swimming pool management across greater Houston. We provide communities with complete pool staffing solutions. Since 2007, Houston business owners and property managers have entrusted our team of certified lifeguards and managers with protecting and serving their members.

Our commercial pool management services include:

Management Plans & Contracts

ASAI offers management plans and personalized contracts for your pool operation needs.  All Star Aquatics provides highly trained lifeguard staff, pool cleaning, chemicals, supplies, opening and closing operations and off-season maintenance.

Budget Planning

All Star Aquatic’s Operation’s team can provide you with a comprehensive budget planning to assist your community with short and long term goals.

  • Our professional team will inspect your pool facility to determine and provide an estimate for cost of all equipment, play structures, plaster and future repairs.
  • We offer end of season head counts to help plan ahead on pool hours and changes to streamline your budget.

Please contact us to discuss your plans.

Management & Staffing

When it comes to our management and staffing services, we are confident that our clients will experience exceptional customer care and unparalleled service.

All Star Aquatics implements rigorous hiring and training practices for each property we service. Our highly selective interviews allow for our training courses to produce outstanding, responsible and highly motivated lifeguards.

We customize a swimming pool management and staffing plan based on your organization’s specific need. Whether your facility is a maintenance only or a large water park setting, we have plans that will fit your requirements and your budget. Our team will provide solutions for guest check-in procedures, collection of guest dues, snack bar operations, and much more!

For your peace of mind, all of our staff are:

  • Uniformed: Our employees can wear either the All Star Aquatics, Inc. uniform, r the uniform of your organization.
  • Experienced: We only hire managers that have qualified swimming pool management experience.
  • Fully Trained: Each member of our staff completes our own in-depth training program.
  • Accessible: All levels of our management team are available to you via phone or email.

Our lifeguard management service will help you maintain a safe and fun facility. ASAI uses a host of software and technology that tracks and allows us to schedule and manage all lifeguards in real time.

Let All Star Aquatics become a part of your community and provide you with the best lifeguards in the industry.

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Our pool cleaning service includes highly trained personnel that balance water chemistry, vacuum debris, clean pool tiles, skim the pool surface, clean the pool deck, clean bathrooms, straighten and store pool furniture for the off-season.

Please contact us for your pool service needs.

Pool Service & Repairs

All Star Aquatics, Inc. takes pride in being an industry leader in pool maintenance services. No matter how big or small of a project or pool, our team will provide you with an excellent experience.

Please contact us for your repair needs.

Pool Parties

From start to end, All Star Aquatics, Inc. will manage, supervise and execute private party rentals for your community. Our Pool Party Coordinator will handle rental availability, facility usage fees, homeowner deposits, confirmation of residency, and all staffing requirements.

Swim Lessons

All Star Aquatics is proud to offer swim lessons to your community. We will schedule, reserve and supervise swim lessons for your community.

Property Information

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